APCO 2020 Has Been Canceled

APCO is happy to announce at starting with APCO 2021, booth sales will be handled in house by APCO International. Direct any questions to Tracy Tarlton, Corporate Outreach Sales Manager at exhibiting@apcointl.org.

Decision made due to Florida health advisories

After many hours reviewing numerous reports and advisories from the State of Florida since last week and deliberating the effects of those advisories, the APCO Board of Directors voted unanimously on Monday, June 22, to cancel APCO’s 86th Annual Conference & Expo (APCO 2020) in Orlando on August 2-5, 2020. With the number of new COVID-19 cases continuing to set record highs in Florida, Orange County issuing a mandatory executive order requiring all residents and visitors to wear masks, and the Florida Department of Health issuing a new advisory on Saturday, June 20, where it recommended that persons not attend gatherings of 50 people or greater, we don’t feel like we can move forward. While the APCO Events team has done extensive planning to implement numerous precautions to protect everyone, and while we remain convinced we could have produced the conference safely, we have determined it is best to cancel.
All APCO 2020 booth and sponsorship payments will be transferred to APCO 2021, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas, on August 15-18, 2021. Booth selection will start at the beginning of August. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa C Williams, Director of Corporate Outreach.
APCO International appreciates the support that you and your company have shown APCO, its members and the public safety communications community over the years. We will convene again in San Antonio in 2021 and hope to see you there as we once again produce the high-quality event you have come to expect.
Derek K. Poarch
Executive Director & CEO
APCO International

Answers to Your Questions

For Exhibitors

Will I receive a refund for my APCO 2020 exhibit booth fee?

APCO 2020 booth fees will be transferred to APCO 2021 taking place August 15-18, in San Antonio, TX. Please contact Tracy Tarlton at tarltont@apcointl.org for more information.

Who should I contact for questions related to booth services, logistics and other event support?

Booth AV – Production Resource Group
tradeshows@prg.com, (888) 844-4225

Booth Internet – SmartCity/Technology Management/Internet
BBundy@SmartCity.com, (407) 685-2037

Lead Retrieval – Event Ready
lr@eventready.com, (800) 394-5357

Orange County Convention Center Show Services
Exhibitor electrical orders received by the OCCC, will be refunded the full amount except for a $35.00 administrative fee. The balance will be returned to the exhibitors. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact Exhibit.Services@occc.net.

Booth Services/Freight Charges Ordered Through Tradeshow Logistics

For your convenience, there is no need to cancel any show services in the system. TL Accounting Department will be handling all cancellations/refunds accordingly.

  • For those who paid for their services by credit cards:
    • No credit cards have been charged to date for any show services ordered through/collected by Tradeshow Logistics. Our accounting team will cancel/remove any show services orders in the system.
  • For those who paid by check:
    • No check payments have been received to date.
    • Any check received at our corporate office will be returned to the exhibiting company.
  • Each exhibitor remains responsible for transportation and freight handling charges they may have incurred.

Any refund will be processed and issued for all equipment and services which were not provided in accordance with our published terms and conditions

Incoming Freight/Shipments

To Advance Warehouse in Orlando

  • For shipments that may be en route to the advance warehouse in Orlando, please call your freight carrier immediately to either re-route the shipment OR cancel the shipment and return to its originating address. Each exhibitor should instruct their carrier that the advance warehouse has been instructed to NOT ACCEPT freight for APCO 2020 in Orlando.
  • If you have selected to use Tradeshow Logistics Transport as your carrier, your shipment will automatically be cancelled.

Direct to Show-Site Shipments addressed to APCO 2020/Orange County Convention Center

  • For shipments that may be en route to the Orange County Convention Center, please call your carrier immediately and have them return your shipment to the destination your company chooses if you have shipped your freight to arrive direct to show site. The Orange County Convention Center will not accept direct shipments and Tradeshow Logistics will not be on-site to accept any shipments.

If you have any questions regarding your show services with Tradeshow Logistics
Please contact apcoexhibitorcare@tradeshowlogistics.com or (770) 874-5830, option 2, for assistance

Will APCO cancel my hotel reservations?

If you booked through the APCO 2020 official housing site, your hotel room will be canceled automatically. You will receive an email from Orchid.Events with your cancellation confirmation.

If you DID NOT book through the APCO 2020 official housing site, you will need to cancel those reservations personally.

Will APCO reimburse me for flight or other travel costs?

APCO is not able to assist with the travel arrangements you have made. Please contact your travel agent or airline directly to learn about the options available to you; many airlines have made special provisions to address COVID-19 related issues. We apologize for any inconvenience and challenges this may cause you.

Can I request documented proof that APCO 2020 Orlando was terminated?

APCO International can provide you with documentation of the APCO 2020 cancellation. Requests may be submitted to Tracy Tarlton at tarltont@apcointl.org.

When will booth selection for APCO 2021 begin?

APCO 2021 advance booth selection will take place in August 2020. APCO International will be performing booth sales starting with APCO 2021. If you have any questions, contact Tracy Tarlton at 571-312-4400 X7014 or tarltont@apcointl.org.

For Sponsors & Advertisers

Are you refunding my sponsorship fees?

In most cases, sponsors of APCO 2020 will have their sponsorship fees transferred to APCO 2021. If you have questions specific to your sponsorship, please contact Lisa Williams at williamsL2@apcointl.org.

Who can I contact to discuss my options or get additional information?

To discuss in more detail or for additional information, please contact a member of the Corporate Outreach team:
For sponsorships & Corporate Partner Program: Lisa Williams williamsL2@apcointl.org
For Exhibiting and Advertising: Tracy Tarlton tarltont@apcointl.org

Are there other opportunities available to connect with APCO’s community?

Yes, you can use your paid sponsor fees towards any of the digital opportunities now available. You can also purchase these opportunities as an APCO 2020 Exhibitor. Digital opportunities expire on December 31, 2020.